Victoria, Australia

All of our training is Nationally Recognised!

The theory component of all our courses can now be completed online.

We now have a CPR Manikin and Defibrillator that are Latex and Accelerator Free.

Why Do We Exist

We believe far too many people suffer or indeed die in our communities for want of some basic first aid! Mynyx was created to address this by providing quality first aid training at a price that is within everybody's reach.

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

Our CPR course will enable you to maintain a person's breathing and circulation in cases of Sudden Cardiac Arrest.
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First Aid

We offer a number of different First Aid courses that cover the knowledge and skills to provide a First Aid response in a range of situations.
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Asthma Management

This course provides you with the knowledge and skills to identify and manage an Asthma flare up.
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Anaphylaxis Awareness

This course provides you with the knowledge and skills to identify and treat an Anaphylaxis emergency.
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Why Train With Us

There are many first aid training providers in the market today. Choosing the right provider can be an important decision when it comes to the quality of first aiders in your workplace or community.  Why should you train with us?

Professional Quality

Both of our trainers served for more than twenty years each in the Australian Army holding nursing, emergency medical and training positions. They have a wealth of experience for students to learn and benefit from.

Class Sizes

We are happy to train small groups. This enables us to focus more on the quality of training than on ensuring everyone 'gets through' the day.  We have found smaller groups produces better first aiders.

Mobile Service

We prefer to deliver training in your business or town.  This means less down time for your staff or that people aren't travelling possibly long distances to and from the training.

Which Course Is Right For Me

Choosing a course that best suits your needs can mean the difference between learning the skills and knowledge you need and wasting your money. A Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation course is best suited for people who are likely to encounter someone whose heart has stopped, Aged Care staff, some trades people or swimming pool owners for example. A Basic Life Support course includes the contents of the CPR course and also covers the treatment of common first aid injuries and conditions. The Provide First Aid course extends the Basic course to include a larger range of injury and condition treatments. This course provides a good breadth of first aid skills and knowledge and is the minimum standard for most workplaces.

Why Mynyx Is The Right Choice For Your Business

Business invests a lot of time and money in first aid training. We can help reduce employee down time and therefore the cost of training while maximising the quality of the training your employees receive.

What We Can Do To Reduce The Cost Of Training

All our theory is available as self-paced, online modules. This enables employees to complete the theory during quiet periods or in their own time prior to the face to face component. This effectively reduces the course time and therefore, employee down time by about half.

Within the confines of the National Curriculum and practicalities, we will tailor our training to your workplace and using your equipment. This not only teaches employees to use the equipment they have access to but also gives them more confidence when responding to situations.

We are more than happy to conduct all our face to face training in your workplace. This again reduces employee down time by removing the need for employees to travel to a different venue, this would further increase time and money savings.

“Thank you for running the training yesterday for us at Business Wodonga and for our members. It was a great day and the feedback was very positive. We were surprised by the amount we learned.”
Neil Aird (CEO, Business Wodonga)
“Fantastic trainers and always able to assist in our training needs again and again.”
Cathy Alcock (Coodinator, Beechworth Community Childcare Centre)
"I only have to ring Mynyx and they are very prompt to return my call with a time that suits my needs. It doesn’t matter if I need 30 or 2 trained they accommodate all my needs, I couldn’t be happier with their service. Thanks again guys!"
Robyn Featonby (Administration Manager, Baranduda Primary School)
"A huge bonus is they can come to us to provide the training, at a time that suits us. Rather than trying to rally everyone to a training venue on a date that offers no flexibility."
Leanne Thomson (Commodore (2018), Albury Wodonga Yacht Club)

First Aid Updates

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