About Us

About Us

"Just who are we and what do we do?"

Our Beginning

Our founders, Helen and Terry Kerr, served in the Australian Army in the Nursing, Medical and Training fields.  After leaving the Army, while working for an existing training provider, they became aware that many people who had completed first aid training lacked the confidence to provide assistance to someone in need.  This became such a concern they chose to teach first aid in a manner which would instil confidence and competence in their students. After some initial success with their then employer, it became apparent that the employer’s priority was throughput and profits rather than producing quality First Aiders. 

Around this time Helen and Terry learned that far too many people suffer or indeed die in our communities for want of some basic first aid. Mynyx was created to address these two issues by providing quality first aid training at a price that is within everybody reach and with an emphasis on competent, confident First Aiders.

Our Business

Mynyx is a training business specialising in First Aid and related courses.  We offer the national workplace/home related First Aid Courses and will soon offer the advanced courses. 

Although we are based in Wodonga and cater primarily to the North East Victorian and South East NSW regions, we are happy to travel anywhere within half a day's travel from Wodonga to run public or private courses.

Our Vision

To empower First Aiders in industry, commerce and the community, through training.

Our Mission

To impart to students the skills, knowledge and confidence to provide effective First Aid to their patients.

Our Values

We are committed to a set of values that defines us, we are:

Sincere - We are honest, trustworthy and reliable.   We value integrity, ethical behaviour and treat others with respect and dignity.

Accountable - We view accountability as an integral part of establishing relationships and achieving outcomes.   We take responsibility for our actions and our mistakes.

Inclusive - We uphold a Team Spirit and believe it binds us.  We cooperate, collaborate and empower one another to deliver exceptional outcomes for our customers and students.

Innovative - We constantly strive to redefine our standard of excellence.   We encourage ideas that challenge conventional thinking and recognise achievements.

These values shape everything we do, from how we develop and market our products to how we serve our customers and the community.

Our Brand

Through our Vision, Mission and Values we define the Mynyx brand as a symbol of consistently high quality, value for money training that our customers and students can have confidence in and trust.


Contact Us

Wodonga Victoria
PO Box 8148
West Wodonga VIC 3690
(02) 6021 3375