Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

"What you can expect from us, and what we expect from you."


Our trainers will strive to ensure you get the most from your training.

You are expected to treat trainers and each other with respect and courtesy at all times. If your behaviour is disruptive or inappropriate you may be asked to leave the course without refund or accreditation.

Everyone involved is expected to be ready to start training at the scheduled commencement time each day and remain for the duration of training each day.

Cancellations and Transfers

If you cancel a booking, or transfers to a different course, with less than 24 hours’ notice you will incur a $50.00 Administration Fee, any remaining funds will then be refunded.

Cancelling or rebooking a course with more than 24 hours’ notice is free of change.

We reserve the right to cancel a course at our discretion. If this occurs, you will be notified prior to the commencement of the course and given the opportunity to rebook or obtain a full refund. If you opt to rebook the Administration Fee will not apply.

If you start a course but are unable to complete it, due to illness for example, you may rebook for the same type of course on a different date free of charge. A partial refund is not available for part completed courses.


For business and corporate clients payment terms are 30 days.

Payment may be made by Direct Credit to our accout or by cash or cheque on the first day of the course. If paying on the first day of the course please arrive early so payment can be made prior to the commencement of training.

For online courses, payment in full is required before access will be granted to our online system. 

Receipts will be posted with your certificate or statement of attainment following completion of the course.

Late or Non Arrivals

If you arrive more than 20 minutes late for training you may be refused entry and may forfeit the cost of the course.

If you do not attend the course you booked all payment may be forfeited.

Complaints and Grievances

You have the right to complain about any aspect of the training with your trainer at the time however, your trainer may defer any conversation to the next scheduled break. If your trainer is unable to address your complaint to your satisfaction, you may escalate the matter in writing to the Managing Director at:

Mynyx Pty. Ltd.
Attn. Managing Director
PO Box 8148
West Wodonga VIC 3690


We respect your privacy and will only use information we have collected about you for training purposes, accreditation or refresher reminders. We will never release your details to other organisations unless required to by law or to facilitate your training.

Except for contact information for reminder purposes, where you have requested this service, all other digital information will be deleted as soon as practicable after completion of your course.

Access and Equity

As we hire premises for training we cannot guarantee that any particular venue will have appropriate access for your needs. Where practicable we will only hold course in venues that have unrestricted access. Where we do foresee an unavoidable problem with a venue we will advertise this in the Venue Information for the course on our web site.

Please advise us of any language, literacy, special learning needs that may impact your ability to successfully complete your training. If Learning Support is required this is to be arranged and paid for by you.

If you have special needs, you can expect that your trainer will support you where practicable, provided this does not prevent you from completing your course in a fair and valid manner. This is to say the required standard should be consistent irrespective of the needs of the person being trained and/or assessed.

Workplace Health and Safety

We are responsible for providing our trainers and students with a safe and healthy learning environment.

You are responsible for compliance with instructions provided for you safety so as to not place yourself or others at risk.

You are also required to undertake activities in a safe manner and to report any incidents immediately to your trainer.

Physical Activity

Our training involves moderate physical activity such as standing, kneeling and bending. We do not accept responsibility for any injury you may incur where you participate in an activity for which you are not physically fit or capable.

Training of Minors

We regret that we are unable to accept children under the age of 14 years onto a course. This age limit has been specified by Government and is beyond our control.

Reprinting of Certificates

What do we want to do? The Asthma Foundation will reprint a certificate at a cost of $25 if the error is not theirs.

Content and Assessments

To successfully complete your course you will be required to attend all sessions and complete a written and practical assessment.

Course content and assessment standards, including practical assessments, have been specified by the Government. While we have some flexibility when conducting assessments ultimately you must attain, at a minimum, the specified standard to be awarded a Statement of Attainment for the course.

Online Theory Training

The certificate produced at the completion of any online training must be produced to the trainer prior to commencement of the associated practical training.

Recognition of Prior Training

We recognise accredited First Aid training provided by other Australian Registered Training Organisations that is current. To be deemed current a Statement of Attainment must have been issued:

For all Asthma, Anaphylaxis, CPR and Advanced CPR training – 12 months, and

All other First Aid training – 3 years.

For prior training be recognised the original certificate must be presented on or prior to the commencement of training. You may scan your certificate and email it to us if you wish. Or your certificate may be photocopied and mailed to us at the above address.

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